About Susan Hillman

Growing up in a suburb of Milwaukee, Susan lived inside her inner world. As a young child, she experienced the sweet tone of a xylophone, and when the mallet hit the bar, the sound captivated her. She was hooked on the beauty of sound… music. The spell of these beautiful notes touched her soul and she knew at that moment music would play a huge role in her life.

In adolescence, after years of traditional piano lessons, Susan spent time with beloved jazz pianist and arranger, Tommy Sheridan. She learned swing rhythms, loosening her hands and mind to the world of contemporary, popular and jazz music. She later studied at the University of Nevada-Reno with New York pianist Eli Haimowitz, and there the stunning works of Bach and Chopin became her musical landscape as she earned her Bachelor of Arts.

Ms. Hillman’s turning point came when Nicolas Laurienti, director of the Denver Opera Company, was taken with her rich, yet light Soprano voice. Under his guidance, her voice matured into the pure, silken tone which enables her to express herself as a Singer-Songwriter. Susan put together a successful performing business – PartyJazz, entertaining at events across Denver.

She continues to develop her ear past the sonic landscapes of Classical, Pop and Jazz and cleverly weaves urban and pop ideas into her Music. Drawing from her rich musical background and her fascination with contemporary music, she composes diverse Instrumental tracks and songs. Captivating beats and melodies dance around in her mind and are re-imagined into her fresh and unique palettes of sound.

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